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About Us

Elmed Probiotics is a leading manufacturer of probiotics, offering a complete portfolio of probiotic solutions for Humans, Animals & Plants. We develop & deliver scientifically documented probiotic strains that work, last, and are different.


Our products are curated by identifying the most effective probiotic strains based on scientific evidence. Using innovative technologies, we supply probiotics in multiple dosage forms such as oral suspensions, emulsions, capsules, tablets, sachets, syrups, and drops.

Human Health

Let's make way for good bacteria to enter our bodies. We play a pivotal role in keeping your health sound through all walks of life. Right from the prenatal stage till the very late stages of our lives your body needs the quintessential bacteria to function effectively and feel better.



When you feel better, you do better. We have our products covering infants, women, athletes, and everybody who cares for their wellbeing. We want to see you grow, heal, happy because we care. Our products are here to help your body in 360 degrees to function at your absolute best.

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Products for plants are promising alternatives to extensive use of pesticides and other chemicals, altering the quality of soil, water, and yield collectively. Keeping these in mind we have scientifically curated our bioprotectants and biofertilizers, the beneficial bacteria that are rightly required for your farms to promote plant growth.


When they grow, yield a good result, we’d like to see you happy and prosperous. Our plant probiotic microorganisms when superseded with Pesticides, are proved to enhance the fertility of the yield resulting in high productivity. You can trust our scientifically infused bacteria to help you achieve what you desire.

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Animal Health

As much as we care for you, we also care for your animals. We have carefully curated our strain-specific products to enhance the efficiency and production of your cattle.


Right from protection against pathogenic infections to their gut health, we understand your necessity in their growth rate and performance. Their health is your happiness and we are here to serve you the best.

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Aqua Health

Just like other living beings, the beings living underwater also need some care. We have got them covered too.


Not just their gut health but also their water quality can be improved for healthy breeding by promoting their growth and digestion underwater. Irrespective of their size and shape our products help them in staying fit internally and externally too.

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One Health

Products are the new future to enhance our existence on this planet from within and things around us. At Elmed Products, every product is formulated specifically, to solve the desired problem because we Care. We care for your well-being, the future, our planet, and every other species living together.


The entire human and animal activity makes the existence on this earth pioneers to goodness filled ecosystem. Our co-existence along with the invisible living microorganism is something beyond us. So, unitedly let's live a healthy life on our planet earth.

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