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Gut Probiotic

  • Combination of 13 strains
  • Strength: 8 billion CFU/g
  • Powder form
  • Customized blend available
  • Probiotics for optimum gut health

ELMAX is a synbiotic feed supplement that helps improve F.C.R & weight gain.

  • Helps improve Feed utilization & F.C.R.
  • Helps improve the gut microbiome of the bird thereby preventing digestive upsets.
  • Enhances the non-specific immunity of the bird.
  • Enhances meat quality, egg production, egg size & laying time.
  • Suppresses the production of gases like Ammonia & H2S.
  • Prebiotics helps stimulate the growth & activity of good bacteria.
  • Helps protect the birds from enteric diseases related to E-coli & Salmonella by competitive exclusion.